Here are a few of our most favroite trasformations in before and after states 

as you can see in the pic above this antique chesterfield double drop arm settee is looking more than tired but after we work our magic it become very much a shinning eye catcher as you can see from picture below 


From the same suite as above we gave this antique furniture a new lease of life in this opulent crushed velvet from the lustro range 


This suite wasnt very moderen looking in this floral pattern but after we put a plain textured weave on from the Cover Text Spirito range it looked very different 


With this old Habitat chair our customer had completely fallen out with it and almost her husband too but after they agreed on a recover it was safe to say they they both loved its as much as when they first baught it as newlyweds many years ago 


This antique chaise lounge was in a very sorry state after been completely disregureded in a burglery but we but it back to gether as new and cheered its owner right up when i went back looking shiny and new 


this suite was lookig very uninviting when came to us but looked very eye catching after been recovered in real leather